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From Promotional, Sales & Training Videos to TV Commercials or Video for the Web. We offer "State of The Art" Creative Productions filmed on location or in our studio. Our goal is to provide high value reliable service and a stunning end-product that your audience will remember.

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TV Commercials.

Television commercials range in length from 15, 30, 60 & 120 seconds up to 30 minute infomercials. Advertisements of this sort have been used to sell every product imaginable over the years, from household products to goods and services, even political campaigns.

Since 1996 we’ve produced over 3500 High Impact TV Commercials for a wide range of clients including, Automotive & Car Dealers, Food Service & Restaurants, Banks & Financial Institutions, Hospitals & Health Care, Coal Mining & Gas Industry as well as numerous non-profits throughout the Irwin, Greensburg, North Huntingdon, Monroeville, Washington, Uniontown, Export, Murrysville, Pittsburgh as well as Westmoreland County and the Western PA Region.

From 10 sec., 30 sec. & 60 sec. TV Commercials to full 30 minute infomercials we can tackle any video production project no matter how big or small. It’s also a fact that video content on your web site can greatly enhance your SEO - Search Engine Optimization results often achieving first page listing on top search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing, as well as high visibility on social media sites like Linked-in, facebook, twitter & more.


3D Animation, or CG for TV commercials can be extremely powerful as a marketing format. Many brands have turned to creating completely animated commercials instead of using actors for many reasons.

Our Animators can bring your product or services to life. We can also add dimension and high impact to a highly stylized version of your corporate logo. We are proficient in Lightwave 3D and Adobe After Effects as well as numerous other software and animation packages. High Impact Animation can enhance your brand and instill great credibility with your prospective customers.

At Business Partner, our team of design graphic professionals deliver a top quality product and what we believe to be the best overall value in the marketplace.

Web Videos.

With internet and mobile bandwidth speeds increasing each year, online videos are growing in quality, accessibility and popularity, overtaking TV as the #1 platform for content. A web video today can be as simple as a motion graphics project or as complex as a high end TV commercial. Costs can vary depending on your visual requirements, desires and budget constraints.

Video Production which has long been the domain of television, is finally starting to gain a foot hold online. With the advent of web sites such as YouTube, video production provides a way for companies of all sizes to connect with potential customers. Video not only adds a "wow factor to your online marketing efforts, but it also helps you to stand out in an increasingly competitive world.

Through the use of video you can explain complex information and make it more digestible for customers. With video web sites like YouTube starting to gain traction in search engines, you're able to get your brand in front of potential customers more quickly. At Business Partner we can assist you with creating an attention grabbing video that can get your marketing message seen and heard.

Corporate Videos.

Based in Irwin, PA (just outside of Pittsburgh), we work with clients through-out the country for various corporate video production projects. Over the last 20 years we’ve worked with companies in just about any business sector imaginable including, Manufacturing, Health Care, Distribution, Chemical, Food Service, Foundry, Banking & Financial, Aviation & Marine Industries to name a few.

We take pride in our corporate videos and feel that it shows when looking at both the content and high style of our videos. You might just have the highest quality and best valued product and service on your business sector? We can help to insure that your potential customers are aware of it. Our rates are competitive and in many instances we can even spread out payment for your new corporate video, training video or promotional video over time.

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